Finding Intentions and Beliefs at Anything Goes, Day 1

I flipped the Charlie Card across the pad, rode the stairs up, and burst into the open doors of the subway car waiting to transport me to Cambridge. Today was going to be Day 1 of Anything Goes Laband I was really looking forward to the experience. There were not many...

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The Passionate Long Walk

Starting a company takes a lot of hard work. That's why so many ideas dissipate with the clouds in the wind. It's easier to let them float away. Some people cannot get their idea out of their minds. They toss and turn at night, blink their eyes while driving and...

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IDeas and Connections

As I meet with more and more people who are innovating, I find that some people put the "id" in their ideas, while others follow the idea's innate connections. What do I mean by that? Well, this is a question of the existentialism of the idea. Does an idea have a true...

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What is Innovative Investing?

Over the past year, I have been more and more plugged in with the startup and VC/Angel activity in greater Boston. There is always an intersection with talk about innovation. So, the question hit me... are the investors innovative? This post is more of a series of...

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Finding Innovation

Finding innovation is a journey. It doesn't just come to you like magic. You need to be aware in order to see it. If an apple falls on your head and you continue reading your book under the tree, you may not even realize. OK, maybe you would notice an apple on your...

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Innovation Uno

Innovation is a well-worn word nowadays. What does it really mean? Who is really an innovator? My goal is to explore the concept and how it relates to other vague terms like "thinkers", "creativity", etc. Are innovators pretentious or simple people? Does the...

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