Innovation is a well-worn word nowadays. What does it really mean? Who is really an innovator? My goal is to explore the concept and how it relates to other vague terms like “thinkers”, “creativity”, etc. Are innovators pretentious or simple people? Does the definition of the word define the characteristics of the possessor? Is there consistency within the concept? Is it structured or unstructured? Are innovators structured or unstructured? How does improvisation tie in?

In my life, I have always looked for what is at the fringes, because I was always bored with the routine. The search to stimulate my mind has led me to look at the world differently and to do things somewhat unconventionally. I’m not a complete rebel of society, because I also have an internal inclination for diplomacy. Sometimes, my diplomacy results in my fringe thinking remaining inside my head. I don’t seek shock value out of my ideas or action. I merely want to pique my own intellectual interests, whether they are of interest to others or quirky ideas for myself.

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